Our job is to Arrest the Suspect and get all your money back.

The Federal Investigation Service is the government agency responsible for prosecuting cyber or internet love crime and infringements.

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About Us

We're here for the Victims

We are a consulting firm for G20 Countries specialize in romance scam detection and full money recovery for the victims.
All our investigators are either from military or police backgrounds and are highly trained, experienced investigators.
Our company has undertaken several high-profile inquiries and money recoveries in the USA, AUSTRALIA, SINGAPORE, CHINA, HONG KONG, MALAYSIA, UK and globally over the last ten years.

We're Professional

Our aim is to change the actions of criminals and nation-states who feel that they can exploit Innocent People online. networks, steal financial and intellectual property, and endanger critical infrastructure without themselves facing risk. To do this, to inflict repercussions on our cyber adversaries, we use our special combination of forces, skills, and alliances.

We're Genius

Deep insights and substantial intelligence are obtained from users, including places, meaning, internal relationships, group dynamics, hierarchies, and more. With our non-intrusive approaches for speedy performance and effectiveness, uncover threat actors and gather real-time intelligence.

Why you should work with us?.

We are competent, unobtrusive and efficient. We agree that hiring a private investigator could be overwhelming and intimidating. We aim to ensure that your experience is positive and that it is considerate and convenient to speak to our investigators. .

All the proof gathered during your inquiry is compliant with current ICC law and can be used in any legal proceedings.

During your investigation, we will send you a full, comprehensive report and collect any video or photographic evidence. We will use the latest technologies and private investigation techniques that make us one of the leading investigation companies World Wide.

We Specialise in

Internet Romance Scam, Crime Investigation, Drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Gangs Investigations, Internet Crimes, Cyber Crime

Key Features

Resolution on Identity, Target Profiles Create, Search Location, Analysis on Social Networks, Monitoring for Real Time, Alerts in Real Time,

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Our highly trained team can conduct work. With our extensive range of resources and growing network of private investigators around the world, we can undertake any romance scam investigation worldwide. We can provide you with a tailored package designed to meet your requirements.
Write us immediatly if you have been a victim or you know someone who is.

Report A Scammer

Our Services

Person Discovery

Our framework powers the protection against malicious activities, human actors, and their interpersonal interactions..

Gather Compliant Evidence

Expose in real-time all the appropriate locations of the suspects for your prosecution.

Media & Advertisement

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Extract Locations

Compliance with 28 CFR Part 23 regulations is required by solid evidence from the web. Enable your inquiries with authenticity and digital evidence protection to ensure you comply with the evidentiary policy of the chain of custody.

Reveal Connections and Interests

Use the centrality metrics of our platform and assess the strength of relations, as well as influence nodes to define social networks and gain critical organizational insights.

Business e-mail compromise (BEC)

Scams take advantage of the fact that so many of us rely on e-mail to conduct business, both personal and professional, and it is one of the internet crimes that is most financially harmful..

Our Advice

If you've been scammed, what to do?

Do not be ashamed to talk about it if you have fallen victim. Scammers rely on this fear because your awareness is strength. Informed customers are much more difficult to mislead. If you tell other individuals your story, you can prevent someone else from being abused in the same way. Romance scams can be reported by sending us an email.

  • 01- Stop Talking to the person

  • 02- Email Us to Check them out.

  • 03- Email Us to help you Recover your Money

  • 04- Dont be in a rush to fall in Love with Anyone.

  • 04- Always Suggest Face to Face Date.

Our Works

Cars Recovered from Scammers

All the cars was sold and the money was sent to the victim.

Cars Recovered

All the cars was sold and the money was transfered to the victim!

Cars Recovered

All the cars was sold and the money was transfered to the victim!!

Some Suspect

Some Arrest was made in this operation!

Some Suspect

Some Arrest was made in this operation!

Some Suspect

Some Arrest was made in this operation

Recovered Cash

Recovered The Victim Money

Recovered Cash

The victim was happy.

Recovered Cash

Money was sent to the victim acct


Reported Internet Crime


Internet Investigation completed


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Federal Investigation Service

Miss Chynna

From Hong Kong Dec 21, 2019

Federal Investigation Service was frank, supportive, effective, versatile and, not least, competitive. Equipped with all the most advanced spy equipment and led by an ex-army soldier with the SAS's abilities and resourcefulness, Federal Investigation Service often went beyond the call of duty. Thanks to them, I soon had enough evidence to get a confession from my online boyfriend, which meant that the last assignment I had paid for was no longer necessary: the advance payment I had made was immediately returned.

Federal Investigation Service

Mrs Charlotte.

Single Mum of One from Australia Jan 26, 2020

Their service has been incredible. Whatever we asked for, they were able to provide a quality service. When carrying out our order, they were highly discreet. Highly competent and excellent, I would recommend them to everyone who have had any internet love scam. It was a very good investment and a fantastic result.(Recovered all my money from the person that scammed me)

Federal Investigation Service

Miss Amelia

From New York Jan 26, 2021

Federal Investigation Service are wonderful to have contacted them yesterday and to have my results today absolutely amazing and so easy to talk to and they actually listens can't praise this company or Federal Investigation Service enough.Im so happy i have my money now.!

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